Well It’s Christmas Time Again!

Hello my little elves! and a Merry Christmas Eve to you!

My family and I have many Yuletide traditions, my Dad ALWAYS goes to collect the meat from the butchers the day before the main meal, my fiancé always goes out on his final night of work and comes back worse for wear and Christmas eve is baking and prep day for My mother and I, thus I try to take it off every year! We cook all of the veg, which means it only need re heating the next day, and we keep the water from them to make our gravy! we boil the potatoes so they have time to cool ( this helps to make them crispy!) and we make the stuffing and the Yorkshire puddings, to take any stress out of Christmas day!.. But my favourite part of the baking and prep session is making mince pies and sausage rolls, something that has been passed down from my grandmother (I will share her super secret sausage roll recipe in a later blog- just don’t tell her).

Another early start for me as I harness up my little black and white Shih tzu to put him in his car seat and head over to my parents, of course my Christmas playlist is on full blast as I zoom about trying to beat the traffic in my little Ford KA! Once we arrive, mum welcomes us in to her cosy home, the kitchen is full of flour, the oven is piping hot and she calls me into the living room. We start our day with another tradition, our Christmas eve presents (this is always a pair of pyjamas we can we to bed that night!) this years set is adorned with snowflakes on the trousers!

 We next head into the kitchen and start our making and prepping. 

Once everything is made and baked I load up my little car and head home CAREFULLY! I don’t want to spill anything,  or for Arthur to get a little freebie of food!

As I arrive back The hubby to be helps me unload the car and has a mulled cider and a couple of mice pies waiting for me.

Christmas eve is extra special for my fiancé and I as we have now been engaged for a year. He proposed in the style of the Love Actually with Keira Knightly and Andrew Lincoln where he romantically reveals his feelings for her but showing her cards.

 So on that note I am signing off and snuggling up with one of my favourite people to watch my favourite Christmas film, which is Love Actually of course. xxx


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