Autumn Leaves, Cold Snaps and Cozy Knits!

There is something about Autumn.. It could be the sunny starts with a crisp chill in the air, It could be the way the trees become painted from fresh greens to warm reds and oranges or it could simply be the fact you can feel the end of the year coming- but one thing without a doubt is it is my most favourite of seasons.

With the darkness drawing in and a drop in temperature, its certainly time to start thinking about a new, warmer wardrobe.

I have purchased a coat from Next which is a military style, and much longer than i would usually go for and although they call it khaki green it is more of a bottle green (one of my fave colours for a coat!). I have also bought a new pair of brown boots for Evans and I love to pair this up with a pair of leggings and a short dress (usually something with hint of brown or orange on it). I also came across a gorgeous shrug in T K Maxx, its made by Moshino, but obviously  a fraction of the price finding it in there and a chestnut colour satchel. I am ready for any adventures that may come my way or and random strolls I decide to partake in!

Lush have released a couple of autumnal gems this year, which i had to indulge in! So far from my stash I have tried the Autumn Leaf bath bomb and the Glittery Pumpkin bubble bar, both smell amazing- although I have to say the Autumn Leaf bath bomb is my favourite so far as when it fizzes out it literally turns into a delightful autumn show creating a fizz of greens, oranges and yellows. The Glittery Pumpkin bubble bar produces luxurious bubbles and turns your bath bright orange! I like to team these up with their Comforter body wash, it is a proper hug in a bottle and perfect for when the nights draw in quicker!

One of my favourite things to do in Autumn is wrap up warm, make a cup of Earl Grey tea with a drop of honey and take the pup for a long stroll over the country park- to see him darting through the long grass fill my soul with happiness, and gives my hubby and I some quality time together. If we find some crunchy leaves on route it completes the walk for me as I love stamping on them and hearing the crackle under my feet!

At my local greengrocers they sell cobnuts- I can only ever seem to find them in the Autumn- these are my little treat to myself. I love sitting in front of the fire with a glass of cider and a good series on, normally the Walking Dead or American Horror Story breaking the shells of them with a pair of nutcrackers- So therapeutic  and incredibly cosy… On this note I am going to sign off and grab a warm drink and have some cuddles with the pup- see you soon lovelies!xxx


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