Mid October Pick Me Ups!

Winter is well and truly setting in now and the cold weather can bring me down, as I am sure it does you as well. So I have listed a few off my essential pick me up’s for autumn 2016!

Firstly the Lush Monsters Ball bath bomb  uses a combination of lime and neroli oils- the smell is out of this world, and the colours that this bath bomb creates is a true feast for the eyes. This combined with a few candles and some chilled out music is a blissful pamper session.

Colouring books are a wonderful form of relaxation, it’s just lovely to have some you time and curl up and shade away letting your creativity take over. My current favourite is Creative Colouring for Adults: Tattoo Designs. It has a really nice retro feel to it and isn’t based around a story or one type of image.

Atkinsons Oud Save the Queen eau de parfum (Available from ~House of Fraser ¬£150.00) can make any grey autumn morning seem like a bright one. The smell of this perfume is perfect for this time of year, deep with hints of Jasmine leave and Earl grey tea. The scent is so comforting when I spritz it on myself it helps me get ready to face the cold days, and it lasts really well so I manage to get a midday perk up from it too. It was launched in 2013 to mark the two hundredth anniversary of the brand.

My chosen munchies for this time of year have to be hearty. The new Paul Caramel Tartlet and Costa Chai Latte are perfect for autumn hungry tums. The Paul caramel tartlet is a shortcrust pastry filled with a rich, decadent caramel which is firm rather than runny and very sticky. Where as the Costa Chai Latte is full of spices and warmth so perfect for when you feel chilly as warms you up from the inside out.

With Christmas soon approaching as well, its time to get organised for the new year. So I treated myself a Lulu Guinness 2017 diary. I love this Diary because of its vibrant colours and easy to view layout, plus it has pockets to keep receipts, tickets etc- very handy! Also it isn’t too bulky- I used to love a diary that had a page a day but they are too heavy to carry all the time! I’ve already popped our honeymoon dates in there and the date hubby and I go to see the Stone Roses (super excited for these dates to come around).

Also you can’t beat a good film day when the days become longer. Sofa, good film or boxset, popcorn, hot drink, snuggle blanket and possibly even pooch cuddles- these are the best days!

So that is my list of mid October pick me ups. What are yours?  what do you do when the cold days become too much? See you soon lovlies.xxx



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