A Year of Distractions and Adventures (Part One)

If you have read my previous post "A post for my mama" I think you will all agree some me time, some distractions and a few adventures thrown in for good measure are certainly well needed!

In December I decided that 2017 should be a fun packed one, full of treats and memories to treasure.

Here is the list of things we have completed so far, part two will be posted later this year once we have completed everything on our list.

As January is miserable at the best of times and with all of the adventures I was metally planning, I knew I would have to cut back monetary. Last Year to work I purchased the Lego Disney Castle as a distraction for after the wedding, and where it was too grey outside I decided to finally assemble this beauty that is made of 4080 bricks. The detail the creators put into this was incredible with subtle nods to Snow White, Cinderella and Fanstasia (there are more but I don't want to spoil them all!)

My mum hated whenever I added a new tattoo to my skin, but the one I added in Feb had real sentimental meaning to me. I love anything to do with horoscopes, tarot etc, so I picked one out with Gemini the symbol (MY mum, my granddad and I are all Gemini's) and all that rules it (The symbol for the planet Mercury and the Air symbol) the finishing touch for this is the flower of Gemini is Lily of the Valley and that was my nan's favourite flower, so its a little nod to them as well as being personal to me.

In March it was time to get away and more importantly get some headspace. In 2016 my mum and I had discussed a trip to New York saying we would go the year after the wedding. I kept my promise. Myself, my Husband and my aunt booked up a trip and filled it with fun things to do and see- more about this trip will be in a follow up post! But what I will say for now is New York is incredible, and if you do get a chance to visit, please don't turn it down!

April- Spring is starting to burst into life, and as it is a time of re-birth it seemed apt to have some pampering and re-energizing time, as well as getting back into the gig scene.

Early in the month my aunt and I travelled to Thorpe Le Soken to visit Lifehouse, our little slice of heaven… Once we arrived we were shown to our garden room and we borrowed a DVD player as we had taken Grease and Grease 2 to watch over our 2 night stay. I was placed on a phone ban, I was allowed ten minutes of phone time during the day and could have my phone once we were settled and watching our movies. we induged ourselves with a few treatments, I opted for a Decleor Signature Facial and a Thalgo eye mask on our first day, to prep my skin and to start to unwind without too much rushing about. we then had a picnic dinner in our room.

On our second day  we were up at 6:30 to hit the gym and to use the spa facilities. I then had my treatments which consisted of a Clarins contour shaper which is now my favourite add on, and my previous favourite which is the Spiezia Indulgent Organic Rose Ritual- by now I was floating on cloud 9, and the change in me you could physically see. I had arrived stressed out, pale and my hair had gone dull- now I was so relaxed I had a sparkle back in my eyes! we had booked in for dinner in the life house resturant which was deliciuos and nothing was too much fo rtheir staff,

On our third and final day we were up and at them early again to face the gym again and to make the most of the spa one last time. I had Reiki, which was an unbelievable experience. My soul felt fully soothed afterwards, I had been pampered inside and out!

My next distraction was over the Easter weekend, hubby and I went to see Kasabian at the Cliffs Pavillion in Southend. Let me start off by saying that Kasabian are one of my favourite bands, so to me this would be brilliant no matter what. The Cliffs was a small venue but they had a couple of pop up bars and food stalls dotted about as well as the bars that are normally there so eveyone was well catered for, and once the band started playing, they were phenominal, the crowd really went for it (myself included… this had nothing to do with the amount of gin I had consumed!). To have to opportunity to see a band I love in such an intimate venue was a box ticked for me, and in all honesty I think that this was the best gig I have ever attended.

Finally in May, after literally months of waiting, we had our Honeymoon in Orlando Florida, again there will be a separate post about this, but it felt amazing to forget all of my troubles, to feel like a child again, and to get some quality time with my hubby.

In June the hubby and I went to see The Stone Roses at Wembley, we met up with one of his colleagues at water loo and had a few drinks before hand and made our merry way to Wembley. I had never visited this venue before and we were standing on the pitch which for me was great as it meant i could dance all night and sing my heart out. The band were amazing (we had seen them a few years previously and they were just as brilliant). The only downside for me was leaving as I get slightly panicked when being ushered into a small space with a large group of people.. but all in all it was a fantastic night.


… And we finally reach July! The first adventure we set ourselves was visiting a piece of immersive theatre by Les Enfants Terribles called Alice's Adventures Underground. The whole thing was based around Alice in Wonderland, and was so immersive that by the end I thought to myself " I don't want to go home!". We had a colour changing cocktail (which was incredibly strong!) and also received a little pack of sweets each. Again I don't want to say too much, because if you are thinking of attending it, I don't want to spoil it for you, but it was a truly amazing experience and would urge everybody to go at least once (they have four different experiences to try)!

Our next adventure we will be embarking on Later this week, We are going to see Russell Brand live… I've never been to see a stand up comedian before, and I am slightly worried- if I get picked on I might cry!

And that is where we are for now, there are more adventures planned for the coming months, but if I include them in this post it will become a very long read, with no images to break it up, so I will post a follow up later in the year as I mentioned at the beginning.

What would you include in a year of distrations and adventues? Please feel free to comment, you never know who you may inspire…. Until next time my lovelies xxxx



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