The Brie, The Bullet and the Black Cat- A Murder Mystery Night!

I’ve recently caught the bug to do something at home with our friends as normally  by now we would have had a BBQ or some sort of get together, but where the year has been so busy this hasn’t happened. However it reminded me of the murder mystery we held a while ago, and as I hadn’t posted about it yet, I thought this might be a good opportunity!

I Purchased the game kit for The Brie, The Bullet and The Black Cat on Amazon for £12.95, this came complete with invitations, audio CD for the detectives part, scripts, invites with costume ideas on them for each character, place cards and a party planner which had menu ideas, when to serve the meal and seating arrangements.

Once I received the kit, the first job was to allocate characters to our guests and our selves. I was to be Ingrid Pith, a Danish art dealer. I wrote our invitations to all of our guests and started to plan out a costume. One thing I knew for sure was a red lip was a definite as were red nails….

As The Brie, The Bullet and The Black Cat is set in a colony in France we thought we should try to making our dining room a little more french. We managed to find most of our props for the evening on the Party Delights website and on eBay. I printed a few posters for french Jazz clubs off and dotted them around the wall. We even set up a mini bar area as we were having one of our bedrooms decorated and the bedside cabinets were downstairs- we simply covered the tops of them with blue, White and red napkins and placed glasses, spare napkins and drinks that didn’t need to be chilled such as red wine and spirits on the top. We placed a measure and a corkscrew in one of the drawers.

For a final touch to the room we used a little bit of police tape to cordon off our living room, this was a murder mystery after all. The party planner suggested french onion soup as a starter and beef bourguignon as a main, and I decided to stick with that plan, both seemed easy enough to make and would be able to just simmer while I socialised with my friends during evening, I cut up a few large fresh baguettes to as they would be perfect for mopping up the last of the soup or the juices from the main. As for dessert I chose profiteroles, and the were store bought- what with decorating the dining room, putting together my hair, make up and costume and making two courses from scratch for 8 people I decided enough was enough!img_1262

The night before I washed my hair and put pin curls in as this would have been very in Vogue in the 1940’s, I left these in over night. After the Dining room was dressed and the starter and main was prepped I started to get ready. I done my make up first as I wanted to keep my hair in for as long as possible to achieve a proper curl. I applied my usual Make up (bare minerals fairly light as face coverage and too faced love flush “baby love” as blush) along with statement cat flicks and red lip very true again to October 1942 beauty. I had spent ages scouring vintage dress websites when I found the josefine dress by Lindybop, with its red and white striped top, it was perfect for our french night, especially paired with my red beret! Next I removed the pin curls and partially brushed them out (too much brushing and I would look like a lion who had had an electric shock!) I finished off with a good spritz of hairspray to keep everything in place!

I had just enough time to set up welcome drinks. Our guests would be greeted with a glass of a Chambord Royale  – you can make this with simply a glass of Prosecco, add Chambord to your taste and a raspberry! (I decided on this cocktail as after all Chambord is modelled after a liqueur France during the late 17th century!) I took a quick selfie with my hubby and then our first guests arrived!

Quick selfie with my hubby
The boys and their welcome Drinks (one of our guests was a Gestapo officer!)

The evening was finally here, I knew none of my friends would let me down, but while sipping at my drink I couldn’t help but feel blown away by the amount of effort they had all put in.

The Girls xxx
The Boys xxx

We sat down to the table and decided we would all stay in character for the night, this of course created a lot of giggles (mostly at how the soup i made had far too many onions in there, but you can only learn through trial and error!). The main course suggested by the party planner was phenomenal, and with a blink of an eye, starters and main course were done and with dessert along came naming who we thought the murderer was- Of course I am not going to reveal that as you may want to try this game out for yourself and I wouldn’t want to spoil it- but to my surprise we all guessed correctly (I was in total disbelief due to the amount of wine that had been consumed and we got confused half way through!).

I would definitely do another murder mystery night, as overall it was an evening of fun, friendship, good food (well… mostly!) and memories made! Until the next post my lovely ones xxx


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